Stolling with Nolan

IMG_43411I moved to The Dalles from Oregon City in 1997. Having listened to the Blues through KBOO I thought I would have to forsake my favorite music.

One day while lamenting my lack of Blues music to another person, I was informed that there was such a program on Friday nights.  This led me to discover Steve Squrl’s Blues Review.  I particularly liked his format of playing long sets of music before talking about his sponsors.

From that point on I listened to Squrl almost every Friday night.  My family and friends knew not to call me on Friday nights.  His program became “My therapy”.  On my 80 birthday I requested that my wife Debra send something out for me. Much to my surprise she wound up talking to him and telling him about my listening to his program for 17 years every Friday night.

Steve not only played a special cut for my birthday, he devoted his entire show for my birthday, which was embarrassing to say the least. That birthday night led to me meeting him and having lunch at my house. Since our lunch we have becomes friends.  I usually call him during the show around 11:00.

I think of him as sort of a Junior Jim Hightower doing his rants regarding social issues in which some injustice has taken place. I do not drive in the left lane of I84, nor do I own a cat, watch much TV, and never drink water from a plastic bottle. This makes me a Squrl poster child.

As a Blues listener I get to experience the Blues every Friday night.  I think that those of us who listen in should feel grateful that Squrl has kept this going for about 20 years.  I hope he continues for many more years.

Aka…. strollin with Nolan