Radio Show

Sometime in 1990, I started promoting national Blues Acts at Full Sail Brewery in Hood River with acts like Chubby Carrier, Little Charlie, The Paladins, Chris Cain, Ford BB, Paris Slim, etc..

I was putting up posters in The Dalles Oregon and went by KMCQ (Q-104) radio station to put up a poster . Now, I have always wanted to host a “Blues” radio show, having been into the blues for the last 15-20 yrs. So, I spoke with the program director and he says, I’ll give you 2 hours on Friday night 8pm-10pm. You sell your own ads and we will split what comes in (it’s a commercial station).

Now I had never done any radio before, and the first Friday on the air, I was just scared shitless. My niece (who at the time produced a big time talk radio show in Atlanta) says, In a year’s time you won’t even think about it. Two hours went to three; three went to four,  and I’ve been on the 8-midnight slot for quite some time.

Now I did get kicked off for three years for bashing Bush’s war in Iraq, but Q-104 was sold and the owners said, you can say whatever you want, as long as we don’t get any complaints.

My listeners know what to expect, some good rockin Blues, Gospel, Soul, and a little Zydeco. I’ll play some Doc Watson or Del McCoury occasionally, but mostly the Lil Ed, Elmore, Memphis Slim, Roomful, Anson, Bugs, Principato, Wolf, Collins, Snooks, Harmon, Nick Moss, Smokey Wilson, 44’s, Holmes Bros mix that I like. Oh, and I do slip in some Jim Hightower just to try and make you think.

I believe Duke Ellington said, “There are two types of music; good music and bad music” Well I hope you like whet I’m playing; if not turn the channel. You might like the next blues show better.

Thanks for Listening, I live the life I love and love the life I live.

Peace, SQURL


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