The Early years

I’m Squrl (Steve Curley) and I grew up in West Chester PA (Suburb of Philadelphia) and in the late 70’s got hooked on the the blues at a local club called the Cabaret, watching the Chicago guys touring up and down the East Coast.  Guys like, Buddy Guy, J.R. Wells, Eddy Clearwater, Albert Collins, JB Hutto and the Night Hawks.

Moving around

Moved to Steamboat Springs, CO. in 1981 and was charged up on the blues.  Drove a fish truck for Steamboat Seafood Co. to Denver and back and would search for the blues at Straight Blues in Denver.  Big Twist and Mellow Fellows, Sun Seals, Sleepy LA Beef, Lamont Cranston.  I skied, partied and partied and needed to stop partying so I moved to Hood River, Oregon in 1985.  The windsurfers there smoked a little dope but none of the bad stuff.

Promoting shows

I wanted to start promoting shows, but knew nothing about the business.  With the help of Jerome from Full Sail Brewing Co. (he’s from Chicago) we brought in Paris Slim, The Paladins, Little Charlie, Kenny Neal, Chris Lain all around 1990.  I was putting on 12-14 shows a year and finally settled on 6-8 shows a year (Less is More!)

Please come out and support live music.  I don’t do this to get rich, the music is rich and dancing keeps us alive and happy.  I just ask that once a month you come out, have a nice dinner, come to a show and dance and go home and make a little love.  Wake up the next day and remember the wonderful night you just had.  It’s a win-win situation.

Thanks for coming to my shows!

Shows I’ve promoted in Hood River over the years:
  • Bugs Henderson
  • Chubby Carrier
  • CJ Chenier
  • Grey Brown
  • Nathan + Zydeco Cha Chas
  • Johny Copeland
  • The Holmes Bros
  • Tinsley Ellis
  • Janiva Magness
  • Jimmy Thackery
  • The Itals

All these great artists have come to Hood River for a show, why don’t you?  We’d Love to have you.

Please send new Blues and Roots CDs to PO Box 511 – Hood River,  Oregon 97031 for consideration for playing. Thanks!

More about Squrl

I’m an avid motorcyclist having ridden on and off road in 6 of the 7 continents.  Motorcycles and blues – what else is there?!!!  I currently ride 3 KTM’s, 300 2-stroke, 620 fourstroke, 950 Superenduro, 2 Moto Guzzis 75-850-T, 95-1100 Sport, 72 triumph TR6 (650) and a 98 Honda VT-1000 track bike.